How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

We get asked a lot of questions by the couples we work with, but the most common question we hear at Floorfillers is “How much should I budget for a DJ”? We understand why. Planning your wedding is a thrilling experience, but navigating the DJ price spectrum can be a complete minefield and can often create extra frustrations.

Fear not! This guide will unravel the mysteries of DJ pricing and help you find the perfect company for your big day, within your budget.

How Much Do DJs Typically Cost?

How much do you charge? This is a question we’ve been asked a lot over the 10+ years of being in the business of DJ services. This becomes especially the case if you’ve never booked a DJ before and don’t have a ‘yardstick’ to measure against. This article is therefore written as a guide that you can use, based on our experience of performing across the UK at more than 500+ weddings and events since we started over a decade ago.

To be clear, we’re not trying to ‘sell’ you on our company. We know that our team of DJs provide amazing weddings (and our happy couples agree) but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily for everyone. We’ve written this because we want to help people with all kinds of plans, budgets and expectations get the truth about how much you should pay your wedding DJ, so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

Whilst we would love to have a simple ‘one size fits all answer’, there are often more questions involved that dictate the price of the quote a DJ will provide you.

Questions such as:

  • How do I know if I’m paying too much?
  • Is a higher price tag a guarantee of a better DJ?
  • Does low cost equal low quality?
  • What’s actually included in the price?
  • How do I avoid a wedding DJ disaster?
  • What could happen if I hire a bad DJ?

A Look Behind The DJ’s Pricing Model:

DJ prices aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are often many factors that go into the quote that a DJ will provide you, including:

  • Experience: Experienced DJs who have been in the game a long time often command higher rates than rising stars or newcomers to the industry.
  • Full Time Vs Part Time: Wedding DJs fall into two camps: those who provide their services as full-time jobs and those who either ‘dabble’ or DJ on the side.
  • Wedding Venue Location: DJs in bigger cities often charge more to compensate for the increased costs of doing business there (think parking, travel charges etc). If you’re asking your DJ to travel beyond their local area, this can also affect the pricing they give you.
  • Duration: Planning a few hours of chilled tunes vs. a non-stop dance marathon for the entire evening? Expect a cost difference.
  • Equipment: High-end sound systems and dazzling lights add to the price tag.
  • Additional Services: MC duties, ceremony music, and custom playlists influence the final quote as well.

So How Much Should You Expect To Pay?

Here’s a glimpse into the types of DJs you might encounter, along with their typical price ranges. Of course, there may be exceptions in each of these categories, but the below can be used as a guide to help you make an informed decision. There are four types of DJ from what we have seen.

Bargain ‘Too Good To Be True’ DJs (£200 or less)

Our experience is that anybody with a playlist and a set of decks can call themselves a DJ these days. All they need is a simple Facebook page and a logo and they can make themselves appear as if they have been going for years. But when your wedding reception is at stake, you don’t want to risk booking with somebody who’s possibly never even played live before, and most certainly never performed at a wedding reception.

The tell-tale sign that a DJ fits into this category and perhaps somebody you should think twice about hiring is that they will often charge £200 or less for the entire evening. Whilst this may seem like a bargain, they often charge so little because they don’t understand what is involved with providing the music for a wedding. This lack of experience is often reflective of their DJ ability as a whole. Add to this the fact that they will likely bring cheap sound and lighting equipment that couldn’t fill a bedroom with sound or atmosphere and you’ve potentially got a disaster on your hands.

Unless you are happy to take the risk of having your wedding day as somebody’s first ever gig, our advice is to avoid this type of DJ at all costs.

Basic DJs (£200 – £450)

Most of the DJs that land in this category are usually amateurs or hobbyists who have a normal ‘day job’ and provide their DJ services as a part-time venture, or sometimes just for fun. There can be some good DJs that fall into this category, but as they often operate as a ‘solo DJ’, they aren’t as responsive to communication and may not be available for all of the ‘pre-wedding’ planning that is needed to make your big day special; extra stress you don’t need in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Additionally, whilst some of these lower-cost DJs may have been doing it for several years, they are often inexperienced in the intricacies that come with performing at a wedding reception; making announcements, music timing, reading the crowd and being able to play for a varied range of ages and music tastes.

Furthermore, because they aren’t using their equipment as regularly, or don’t prioritise investing in an elegant and modern setup, this type of DJ brings a risk to your wedding day that their setup might look untidy. Do you really want scratched speakers or tangled wires appearing in your first dance photographs?

Whilst there may be some talented DJs in this category, we wouldn’t recommend this type to our family and friends. Our advice is to be careful and only book this type of DJ if you have done so before and have somebody that you trust.

Average Wedding DJs (£450 – £600)

This category of wedding DJ tends to take their businesses more seriously and most are either full-time or close to being so. They show up on time (usually), play good music and can hold the wedding well. They DJ for all kinds of events including weddings, birthday parties, nightclubs and proms.

However, they often still operate as a ‘one person DJ company’, which means that the DJ is often handling customer enquiries, responding to client emails, planning music and going to perform at the weddings and events themselves. As a result, they are often slow to respond to questions and aren’t able to dedicate the time required to making sure your individual plans are realised.

The fact that they operate as a solo DJ is also a major risk to your wedding day. If they are ill or have a family emergency and can’t make it for whatever reason, you’re without a DJ on the most important day of your life. Unfortunately, we often receive 5+ calls per week from distressed couples where their DJ has cancelled on them days (or even hours) before their wedding reception. Not a situation you want to be faced with.

So whilst there are some good DJs out there in the ‘Average Wedding DJ’ category, our advice is to thoroughly research this type of DJ before working with them. Read reviews, watch videos, speak to them or read our ‘5 Essential Qualities To Look For When Booking Your Wedding DJ’ article to make sure they aren’t going to let you down and can tailor their services to match your plans.

Wedding Specialist DJs (£600 – £1,500)

We are of course biased because our team of DJs happen to fall into this category, but there’s a reason this type of DJ costs more.

Specialist Wedding DJ companies have a team of DJs, each with years of experience and hundreds of events under their belt. These DJ companies invest in regular training and develop their skills in music research, mixing, music production, lighting setup, audio setup and much more. They understand that their role is about so much more than just playing good music; their job is to make sure everything goes smoothly and you and your guests have the best day of your life.

They make sure all of their DJs are equipped with the best equipment and attend industry events to learn about what’s happening in the DJ world to ensure their skills are the best at all times.

To put it short, they are unrivalled in their ability to deliver an incredible wedding reception that leaves your dance floor full, with smiles on your guests’ faces. A professional wedding DJ can charge a premium because they deliver a premium service.

For example, you can often expect this from specialist wedding DJs:

  • Top-rated team of DJs, matched with your specific preferences and plans.
  • Thorough pre-wedding music planning consultation.
  • Prompt responses to any questions (within 24 hours).
  • A backup DJ in place in case of emergency.
  • Beautiful equipment setups with industry-leading audio and lighting.
  • Articulate and professional speaking skills.
  • Dedicated customer service staff assigned to your wedding day.
  • Backup plans for everything- only a professional team will have a plan should anything go wrong.

At Floorfillers Entertainment, we have all of this taken care of. We have a team of dedicated professionals who work with each and every couple to plan all of the details ahead of time. When your DJ arrives, you know who they are and they are ready to go. We also assign a backup DJ to every single wedding to give everybody peace of mind that, should your primary DJ become unwell, you will still have a top-rated DJ at your wedding to fill the dance floor.

Expect thorough customer service, an unmatched level of personalisation, prompt responses, backup DJs and top-notch DJs. Imagine a five-star restaurant; high skill, attention to detail and an exceptional level of delivery. Our experience is that you often ‘get what you pay for’ when it comes to wedding DJs. Click here to book a consultation with one of our Music Advisors.

Most Expensive DJs (£1,500 +)

Ultimately, DJs for weddings can vary greatly in their pricing, with some demanding fees exceeding £1,500. Our viewpoint on this matter suggests that such high costs should be justified by specific circumstances. For instance, if you have personally witnessed a DJ’s exceptional performance at an event, it might warrant the extra expense. However, it is common to encounter the misconception that a higher price tag equates to superior quality.

Unfortunately, this often results in clients overpaying for services. On the flip side, some DJs find themselves in high demand due to their popularity, allowing them to command steep fees. But does this necessarily translate to better quality than a more reasonably priced “average DJ” or “wedding specialist DJ”? Maybe, but in most instances, probably not.

Save this type of DJ for those you have personally seen shine. Exorbitant prices don’t necessarily equate to better DJs, so research is key.

Beyond the Numbers: Finding Value, Not Just a Price Tag

Price isn’t everything! Here are some tips for finding the perfect DJ for your budget:

  • Get quotes: Compare prices from several DJs to understand the market rate.
  • Read reviews: Past client experiences offer valuable insights.
  • Meet and greet: Schedule consultations to gauge chemistry and vibe.
  • Ask the right questions: Discuss experience, equipment, playlists, and additional services.
  • Be clear about your budget: Honesty upfront saves everyone time and heartache.

The Final Spin: Do Your Research When Booking Your Wedding DJ

Finding the perfect DJ for your budget doesn’t have to be stressful. Be clear about your vision, do your research, and prioritise finding a DJ who clicks with your vibe. Remember, it’s your big day – let the music reflect your love story and book with a DJ who know understands what you are trying to achieve and can deliver on that promise every single time.

Ready to hit the dance floor? Book a consultation with Floorfillers Entertainment today! We have a curated selection of talented DJs who are experienced and ready to make your wedding reception one to remember, with a team to support you from the initial enquiry, right through to your last song of the evening.

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